$110.000  full board! And you only have to travel.

 You will be able to see it from the air, and discover it on the ground.


Win the world´s Best Travel in Europe!

Best Face

If you have an exquisit face or you consider it to be special for some reason, send us a picture.

$20,000   $20,000

Send your face, win the race!

Best Fashion

Europe is waiting for you! Come on, apply for it! Be the BEST!

$5,000 $5,000 $5,000 $5,000

Send picture of your face, or yourself, and be the Best!

You in Europe

European Reality show


Our reality show is coming soon

Best Dance

Apply and win!

 $5.000   $5.000

 Don't talk, just dance!


We seek ambitious outgoing business minds to represent our company at the Best Job locations for prominent payment.


Become a partner! Join the International Network for the Best Club!


The aim of our club is to create an international community

Best Card

You can take an advantage of our instant discount system with your Best Card

Sponsor the program!

We are confident, that your Brand, products and services become world renowned and remembered for many years to come.

Europe is yours

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