Best Card 

What is the Best Card?

With your Best Card, you can get instant discounts by all our partners when purchasing products and services so that you pay 5-50% less on your purchase!

The Best Card gives you a full-fledged Best Club Membership and gives you the opportunity to start our valuable prizes in each of our competitions.Get the latest card, which is a membership card and a discount card as well. The Best Card provides the owner with the discounts, the discounts offered by the companies participating in the partner and our discount program.

You can use your new and popular Card in many areas: fitness, travel, accommodation, dressing, food... Our system is developed in a complex way, we connect new partners to our system as places where the cards will be accepted. We can accommodate all kind of business and service providers in our system, no matter what kind of business is yours.

What makes the Best Card unique and better than other discount cards?

While other cards provide discounts only in a certain territory, country or city, the Best Card supports its members with special offers on a worldwide scale!

Use of Card

The card may only be used by the cardholder, who may not transfer it to other person. Only the cardholder may take advantage of the discounts and use the website.

In the interest of simple identification, the image seen on the card can also be found on stickers at points of acceptance. The front side of the card features a 16-digit number that serves for the identification of our club members. The active status of your membership can be verified through your card number, which is also used by points of acceptance to identify the cardholder.

The serial number of every card can be checked in our "Best card validation" menu item, where the photo and name of the cardholder and the status of the card (active/inactive) are displayed. If the card is inactive, it cannot be used to take advantage of discounts or for unrestricted use of the website.

How do you receive your Best Card?

At the moment of creating your membership our system will automatically generate the Best Card with a unique identification number, that we send electronically to the member, that can be downloaded to mobile phone from his Profile page or from the email.

The downloaded electronic Card is also accepted by our Partners just like the physical card.

Where can you use your card?

You can use your Best Card at all points of acceptance in any location identified with a Best Partner sticker, to avail of the discount specified by the given location. You can find the list of points of acceptance on our website, in the "List of Partners" menu item. You can search acceptance locations by company name, country, or city, in the "Partner search" menu item.

Card types 

Basic - Smart - VIP - Platinum - Platinum+


Authentication is required.

Fees, gifts, commissions, invitations and orders are only available after valid registration and authentication. Registration is only valid if you have completed the application form and validated. Validation fee is 1.75 € The European Tourism Club only accepts bank card payments. Applications must be verified by bank transaction. 


By submitting the application, I declare, I am an authorized representative of the Company (organization). I wish to participate in the Best Card Partners database and directory as a Best Card point of acceptance with the provided information. I have read and understood the Privacy Policy, terms and Conditions applicable for the points of acceptance and acknowledge them binding. I agree, through submitting, I become a member of the Partnership program of the European Tourism Club of Malta Ltd. Additionally, I also agree and comply with the General Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy of the European Tourism Club of Malta Ltd.

Hereby I authorize European Tourism Club of Malta Ltd. to use the provided company information (Logo, Profile, Advertisements, etc) for commercial purposes/promotions on its websites and newsletters.