Best Fashion

Would you like to earn 5000 $ in 2019 as model, face, or designer?

Do you know what to do?

The programs will be uplifting, cheerful, rejoicing, creative, entertaining, sexy, youthful, explorer

European Tourism Club profiles major events and festivals that demonstrate our global consumer marketing campaign - These signature events appeal to our passions and interests, and deliver significant brand awareness and economic impact for.

Program History

Best Fashion  2016 WINNERS

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Send us photos of your face, figure and design and become the leader of BEST Fashion. Become the face, model or designer of Best Fashion.

Send us photos of your face, figure and design and become the leader of BEST Fashion.
Please REMEMBER to read our Terms and Conditions before uploading your first artwork. Activation of your membership and your profile must be under supervision of an adult (18+)! Afterwards, you can apply and send your masterpieces to any competition listed on our website. Rewards are great!
Winner Designers, we would like to cooperate with you. Once you shared your plans, sketches, ideas in the form of photos and videos, we would work hard with you to make your dreams come true. Turn your sketches into real outfits that will float on the catwalk. Create your brand and catchphrases that will highlight your fashion's true essence.


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Fees, gifts, commissions, invitations and orders are only available after valid registration and authentication. Registration is only valid if you have completed the application form and validated. Validation fee is 1.75 € The European Tourism Club only accepts bank card payments. Applications must be verified by bank transaction. 

All payments (winnings, commissions) can only be made by transfer, taking into account EU Directive 2015/849.

Application criterias of Best Fashion

Be above 16 years of age.

Upload at least one picture of yours. 

What do we want from you?

Come to join us! Send us photos of your face, figure and design and become the leader of BEST Fashion. Fashion changes, BEST style remains and BEST unites us!

Become our Club member and use the points of acceptance around Europe. Come to join us and become the leader of our BEST Fashion 201.9

Positions and Salary offer

  • Face
  • Model
  • Designer

Become the Face, Model or Designer of Best Fashion!

Beside the possibility to become a part of our design team, this will also allow you to enter into other competitions and WIN great prizes.

Start your fame and career with us.

We will arrange your visa to Europe and provide you a working contract!

Use and enjoy the opportunities given by our club!