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1st prize: 110.000$
2nd prize: 70.000$
3rd prize: 50.000$

Every applicant will be winner!
After valid registration every applicant will receive a coupon of € 150.

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European Tourism Club profiles major events and festivals that demonstrate our global consumer marketing campaign - These signature events appeal to our passions and interests, and deliver significant brand awareness and economic impact for.

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Show Europe as no one has ever shown it, no one has ever seen it! Show Europe's Everyday and Celebration Site! Show the joy and the music! Celebrate life, night and day, day and night! Record it all, work with the BEST artists and designers and share the Best job in Europe with the world! The winner of the contest will have to present European culture and festivals by sharing pictures and videos, and blogging. You will have the opportunity to stay at the most luxurious hotels, eat at the best restaurants, and all you have to do is to show us those beautiful pictures and videos. An exceptionally fun job, with an exceptional $110,000 salary is waiting for you. 


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Win the world's Best Job, now in Europe! We are looking for our Traveller,  Photographer and Blogger! Your job will be traveling in Europe, taking pictures, recording videos and blogging about your adventures.

You must be 18 years of age by January 1, 2019.

We will arrange  your visa to Europe and provide you a working contract!

Choose the job that best suits your personality. Would you want to be Chief Funster, Lead Photographer or Lead Adventurer? Complete the form below, submit and win! And show us why would you be the most suitable person! Tell us and your competitors why are you the BEST for the best job in the world!

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People who are eager to travel and discover the BEST and the most exciting places in Europe. Is it you? Right now we have several incredible positions waiting for you.

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