Club Rules


For creators of value, explorers, and independent thinkers! European Tourism Club has established its international club, an international community without borders and boundaries, for the members to which it provides worldwide discounts, as well as organising and offering them European programmes, as part of an international club membership. Best Club is an international club that gathers people from all corners and cultures of the world, creating a truly unique united community (club membership).

1. The objective of Best Club

One of the key virtues of today is uniqueness and to create lasting value through it for present and future generations. The aim of our club is to create an international community in which members can get to know each other and learn about other cultures, languages and customs. Our Best card, global discount card and at the same time the membership card in our club offers discounts to our members in all areas of life. Our goal is to popularise tourism and increase the number of visitors to Europe through our "The Best Job in Europe" programme. On our website we provide an opportunity for members to share their experiences and thoughts with each other. With our partner search applications you can easily find a partner, travel companion, and a travel destination from the comfort of your home. Our further goal is to ensure that you can find our points of acceptance locations not only in Europe, but throughout the world, so that our members can benefit from the 5-50% discounts offered by our club for multitudes of services and solutions.

2. The activities of the Best Club

  • Organizing "The Best travel in Europe" program in 2019
  • Organizing contests and competitions with great prizes for our club members (Best Face, Best Dance, Best Fashion, Apply and win)
  • Operating our Travel With Me partner, travel companion, and travel destination search applications
  • Operating our Best for Sale application
  • Providing discounts and opportunities to our club members in all areas of life
  • Organizing the YOU IN EUROPE European reality show
  • Providing advertising functions

3. The official language of Best Club

Our club official language is the English. Our plans for the future includes the addition of the greatest possible number of languages to our list of official languages, including Spanish, Russian, German, French, Chinese, and any other language spoken by our club members.

4. Membership

Our community is extremely diverse. Therefore the respect of the customs, religious convictions, and property of every club member is of key importance to us. We welcome everyone in Best Club, regardless of gender, age, disability or any other aspect. If you wish to belong to a fun and friendly international community, your place is here! Your club membership is attested by the Best card, which any of our club members can apply for. Your Best card will entitle you to a discount of 1-100% at every points of acceptance location for travel, purchases, accommodation, delicacies or using services / solutions, in all areas of life. With your club membership you will gain full access to our website, can take part in all of our programs, win valuable prizes in our competitions, gain an additional income from the comfort of your home, build a career, and find the partner, travel companion, or even travel destinations that best suit you!

4.1. Types of membership

There are 5 types of membership: Basic, Smart, VIP, Platinum or Platinum+. To attest the type of membership we have created 4 different card designs, which also differ in their color. (There are likewise 5 types of Partner memberships: Basic, Silver, Gold, Platinum and Platinum+ Here, due to the different designation, both the name and the color of Partner membership cards differ from those of Best membership cards.) And our club gives club membership to our sponsors without paying membership fee.

Basic membership refers to a basic level of membership, with which members can access our website and take advantage of the discounts offered, but will be limited to a restricted level of service within certain applications and will only be able to participate in our events at the Basic discount level.

Smart membership increases the discounts available when participating in our programs and offers unrestricted use of our services. Our Smart members can take up employment at our company with a SMART-type employment contract.

Our VIP members can enjoy maximum discounts and can use all applications and services of our programs and website. Our VIP members can take up employment at our company with a VIP-type employment contract, with a top management income.

Platinum members can enjoy special discounts according to our special offer. Our Platinum members can take up employment at our company with a Platinum-type employment contract.

Platinum+ members also get special discounts in our unique offer. Our Platinum+ members can take up employment at our company with a Platinum+ type employment contract. Becoming Platinum or Platinum+ member is possible on an individual basis.

4.2. Conditions of membership

Only natural persons who accept our Conditions of Use and the Data Protection Statement on our website as binding in their regard can become Best Club members. The representatives of our partners and sponsors will also gain membership in our club. Our members shall cooperate in the interest of accomplishing the goals of our club and shall pay the membership fee.

4.3. Duration of membership

Membership is for one year. However, you can also pay the membership fee in installments. We will mail you your Best card that attests your membership only after receipt of the full yearly membership fee.

4.4. Establishment and termination of membership

Purchasing Club Membership
Users, after activation of their Profile, become Club Members, and they can use our website, apply for and enter the competitions and contests. The membership fee will be deducted automatically only on the 15th day of their membership. During the prior 14 day period the member can delete his profile at any time, thereby terminating his membership and thus from these members we will not deduct the membership fee as from the members on the 15th day. In case the member does not terminate his membership, the deducted membership fee can not be refunded. It is not possible to refund the membership fee which was deducted on the 15th day.

In case the user decides to purchase the club membership, at the moment of receiving the membership fee, the user becomes a member. If the member wishes to terminate his membership in the first 1st day of membership, within the legal framework of our company, at his/her sole discretion, we shall refund the fee. Managing to initiate this, the member has to contact us, and request the termination of his membership. The membership fee shall be refunded by European Tourism Club of Malta Ltd. into the bank account number provided by the member.

In case the member starts to use the advantages of membership, for example applying for at least one of our competitions or using discounts provided by our Partners, the member expressly renounces the opportunity of refunding the membership fee.

Your club membership lasts one year, starting from the receipt of the membership fee. Following the receipt of your membership fee we will send you your card electronically (e-card), which you can download and use straight away on our website and take advantage of its discounts at our points of acceptance.

Your membership can be terminated in different ways. If your membership is not renewed, it will expire on the 2nd day following the end of the previous period. After the expiry of your membership you will only have limited access to our website and will not be able to enjoy your 5-50% discount at acceptance locations.

Your membership can also be terminated through disqualification from our club, should you violate our Code of Ethics, Community Guidelines, Conditions of Use, or Data Protection Statement. In this case you will not be able to claim a refund of your membership fee.

If you do not wish to continue your membership of our club, you have a possibility for 7 days, 1 day before the termination of your membership to switch off the automatic renewal of membership on your Profile page. You can also cancel your membership on your profile page, using the "Delete profile" button.

Deduction of club membership fee for applicants of the competition

By activating the €1.75 you authorize European Tourism Club to deduct the fee of the Basic club membership (€99) on the 15th day following the activation as a lump sum or in several installments, deciding it in its sole discretion. European Tourism Club is entitled to deduct the club membership fee in several installments Your club membership fee will be deducted automatically for the time you are our club member. In case - after the deduction of one of the installments - you decide not to remain our club member any longer, the next installment won't be deducted from you, but the club membership fee already deducted or any of its deducted installments cannot be reimbursed.

5. How to renew your club membership?

Your club membership is renewed automatically on the 2nd day of the month following the end of your previous membership period. Our system will automatically deduct your membership fee from your account. If you do not wish to continue your membership of our club, you have a possibility any time before the termination of your membership to switch off the automatic renewal of membership on your My Office page. If your membership was not renewed automatically, contact us, or renew your club membership manually on your profile page.

6. The operation of Best Club

Best Club functions, operates its website and organizes its competitions and contests from membership fees paid by club members, funding from sponsors, and other types of income. The Club uses no more than 42% of the incoming membership fees to develop and build club membership, and to make new members join the Club. Anyone without age limit can apply to join our club, by registering online. People under the age of majority can also become members with parental consent. The profile of the children will be linked to an adult registration every time. However, certain parts of our website, for example our partner search applications, can only be accessed by members who are of the age of majority in their country. Our club operates electronically via the website(s) operated by European Tourism Club of Malta Ltd. We accept new members to our club only via online registration.

7. Best card

The Best card is proof of club membership as well as a discount card, with which our club members can use our website and benefit from discounts at our point of acceptance locations.

The card may only be used by the cardholder, who may not transfer it to other person. Only the cardholder may take advantage of the discounts and use the website.

In the interest of simple identification, the image seen on the card can also be found on stickers at points of acceptance. The front side of the card features a 16-digit number that serves for the identification of our club members. The active status of your membership can be verified through your card number, which is also used by points of acceptance to identify the cardholder.

The serial number of every card can be checked in our "Best card validation" menu item, where the photo and name of the cardholder and the status of the card (active/inactive) are displayed. If the card is inactive, it cannot be used to take advantage of discounts or for unrestricted use of the website.

Before reaching the age of majority in their country, members of a minor age will not be able to take part in certain programs and competitions found on our site.

7.1. Types of Best Card:

Best Card Basic- with purchase of Basic membership
Best Card Smart- with purchase of Smart membership
Best Card VIP- with purchase of VIP membership
Best Card Platinum- with purchase of Platinum membership
Best Card Platinum+ - with purchase of Platinum + membership
Best Card Partner Basic- with purchase of Basic Partner membership
Best Card Partner Silver- with purchase of Silver Partner membership
Best Card Partner Gold- with purchase of Gold Partner membership
Best Card Partner Platinum- with purchase of Platinum Partner membership
Best Card Partner Platinum+ - with purchase of Platinum+ Partner membership

7.2. Discounts associated with Best Cards

As a club member you can take advantage of the following discounts and services:

  • full use of our website (participation in competitions, advertising opportunity), on condition of meeting the age restrictions specified for individual programs
  • use of our TravelWithMe partner, travel companion, and travel destination search application
  • Best for Sale upload possibility
  • participation in competitions
  • discounted use of our advertising and wedding packages

7.3. How to order a Best Card

You can order a club card online on our website, or offline at points of acceptance locations. Payment details must be entered for processing your order. Your order will be processed by our electronic system, and we will send you an automatic letter confirming receipt of your order.

7.4. Delivery of your Best Card

Ordering physical Best Card is optional and provided only upon request.

Cards ordered will be delivered within 4 weeks (at the members expense) to the address indicated in the order. If your card was not delivered, please contact us!

At the moment of creating your membership our system will automatically generate the Best Card with a unique identification number, that we send electronically to the member, that can be downloaded to mobile phone from his Profile page or from the email sent. The downloaded electronic Card is also accepted by our Partners just like the physical card.

7.5. Loss and replacement of cards

Our members can request the replacement of their lost, damaged, stolen, or destroyed Best Card free of charge. The card is re-issued free of charge, but delivery will be at the expense of the member.

7.6. Where can you use your card?

You can use your Best card at all points of acceptance in any location identified with a Best Partner sticker, to avail of the discount specified by the given location. Points of acceptance that join our system become our partners with individual conditions, that is, every shop and service provider is at liberty to set the discount offered and the range of products to which a given discount applies. For exact information ask the staff of the given shop, service provider, or lodging...

You can find the list of points of acceptance on our website, in the "List of Partners" menu item. You can search acceptance locations by company name, country, or city, in the "Partner search" menu item. I agree to the processing, processing and storage of my personal information.

8. List of websites operated by European Tourism Club,,,,,,,,,

9. Where can you find answers to your questions?

Our members can turn to our colleagues with their questions at the following e-mail:

Contact us!