The Club 

Our club aims to create an international community.

The European Tourism Club has established its international club, an international community with no boundaries and limitations, offering members all over the world a discount and organizing and recommending European programs in an international club membership. The Best Club is an international club that brings together people from around the world and cultures and creates a single community (club membership).

The card of our Club is the Best Card.

One of the most important virtues of our day is the uniqueness and therefore a lasting value for the present and future generations. Our goal is to create an international community where members can get to know each other, learn about each other's culture, language, customs and discounts to our members in all aspects of life with our Best Card, a global discount card and our Club card. Our goal is to promote tourism and to increase the number of visitors to Europe, which we make with our "Best Travel in Europe" program. We provide opportunities for our members to share their experiences and thoughts on our website. Our goal is to find our places of acceptance not only in Europe but throughout the world. Our regular members can get to know each other on our regular events. They can create new relationships, and in addition to European tourism, we will also strengthen long-term international relations.

Who are the members?

Our community is extremely diverse. Therefore the respect of the customs, religious convictions, and property of every club member is of key importance to us. We welcome everyone in the Best Club, regardless of gender, age, disability or any other aspect. If you wish to belong to a fun and friendly international community, your place is here! Our club now has four official languages: English, Russian, Spanish and Hungarian. Our website will be available in these languages. Our plans for the future includes the addition of the greatest possible number of languages to our list of official languages, including German, French, Chinese, and any other language spoken by our club members. Only natural persons who accept our Conditions of Use and the Data Protection Statement on our website as binding in their regard can become Best Club members. The representatives of our partners and sponsors will also gain membership in our club. Our members shall cooperate in the interest of accomplishing the goals of our club and shall pay the membership fee.

Why will you love our club?

  • You can discover new people from all over the world with whom you can build personal contacts at our events.
  • With our Best Deal, you will receive 5-50% discount on all your travel, purchases and services.
  • As a club member, you can make full use of our website and participate in all of our programs.
  • You can win valuable prizes at our competitions.
  • You can earn income, build a career.
  • You can find a partner, a travel companion or even your destination.

Types of membership

Club membership can be of five types: Basic, Smart, VIP, Platinum, or Platinum +. To validate the five types of membership, we have designed four types of card designs that are different in color. (Membership of the Partner can also be of 5 types: Basic, Silver, Gold, Platinum and Platinum +, because of the difference in the name the partner club membership card differs from the Best club membership card.)

Basic Membership is a basic membership that allows us to use our website, discounts are available but some members of our Basic Card are limited in our applications, and can also benefit from a Basic discount on our programs.

Smart membership increases the level of discounts on our participating programs, and our applications are unlimited. Smart members can work with a SMART type of work contract at our company.

With VIP membership, our members can enjoy the greatest possible discounts, all our programs, all our applications and services on our site. Our VIP members can work with VIP-type work contracts for our high-paid salary for our company.

Our members with Platinum membership will enjoy special discounts based on our unique offer. You can work with a Platinum type contract with our company.

Our members with Platinum + membership receive special discounts based on our unique offer. Platinum + type work contracts can work with our company. To get Platinum and Platinum + membership you need a unique treatment.


Authentication is required.

Fees, gifts, commissions, invitations and orders are only available after valid registration and authentication. Registration is only valid if you have completed the application form and validated. Validation fee is 1.75 € The European Tourism Club only accepts bank card payments. Applications must be verified by bank transaction. 

 Our club's cards

 Basic, Smart, VIP, Platinum,  Platinum + 

  • Basic Membership - 99 € / year
  • Smart Membership - 450 € / year
  • VIP Membership - 920 € / year
  • Platinum Membership - 5490 € / year
  • Platinum + Membership - Individual price

Partner Basic,  Partner Silver,  Partner Gold,  Partner Platinum, Partner Platinum +

  • Basic Partnership - 149 € / year
  • Silver Partnership - 820 € / year
  • Gold Partnership - 2200 € / year
  • Platinum Partnership - 5490 € / year
  • Platinum + Partnership - Individual price


Terms of membership

The Best Club member is a natural person who accepts and agrees to our Terms of Use and our Website Privacy Statement. Our partners and sponsors will be members of our club. Our members are contributing to the achievement of our club's goals and paying the membership fee.

Duration of membership

Membership is for one year. You can also pay a membership fee in several installments. Your Best Card proving your membership is posted only after the arrival of the entire annual membership fee.

Membership Creation

After activating their profile, users become a club, use our site, apply for advertised competitions and applications. Club membership fee will only be automatically deducted from club members on the second day. During a one-day period, a club member can cancel your profile at any time by stopping membership, so the club membership fee will not be deducted on the second day. If the club member does not cancel his membership in the first day, we will not be able to reimburse the annual club membership fee deducted on the second day. After the membership fee has been deducted, the club membership fee can not be refunded.

If a user decides to buy a club membership, in that case, he / she becomes a club member at the time of the club membership fee. If the club member decides to abolish his club membership, in the first day of club membership, within the statutory limits, our company will reimburse the club membership fee in its own jurisdiction. In such a case, the club member must contact our company for reimbursement of the club membership fee, requesting the termination of the membership, the membership fee to the bank account specified by the club member is returned by our company, the European Tourism Club of Malta Ltd.

For example, if a club member starts using his club membership, for example, he or she will either apply for a tournament or make a discount on either our site or our partners, thereby waiving the reimbursement of club membership fee.

Your club membership is for one year. Your membership begins with the membership fee. After the membership fee has been paid, we will send you electronically your card number for the first time, which will allow you to use our site and you can use discounts at our acceptance points by announcing your card number. After paying the entire annual membership fee, we will send you your card to your address.

Termination of club membership

Your membership may be terminated in several ways. If your membership does not renew, it expires on the 15th day after the previous one. After the expiration, you can only use our site for limited use and you will not be able to use your 5-50% discount on the Acceptance Points.

Your membership may expire even if you violate our Code of Ethics, our Community Guidelines, our Terms of Use, and our Privacy Statement. In such a case, you will not be eligible for a membership fee refund. If you no longer wish to be a member of our club, you have the option to turn off automatic membership renewal on your Profile page two weeks and seven days before your membership period expires. In addition to this option, you can terminate your membership membership at any time by deleting your profile.

How can you renew your club membership?

Your club membership will automatically renew on the 15th day of the month following the previous period. Membership fee data will automatically be deducted from your account. If you no longer wish to be a member of our club, you have the option to turn off automatic membership renewal on your Profile page two weeks and seven days before your membership period expires. In addition to this option, you can terminate your membership membership at any time by deleting your profile.

If your membership did not renew automatically, please contact us or renew your membership on your profile page manually.