Do you know what to do?
You just have to travel.....and win!


10 days: 10.000$
20 days: 20.000$
30 days: 30.000$

Every applicant will be winner!
After valid registration every applicant will receive a coupon of € 150.

European Tourism Club also undertakes dedicated marketing campaigns in partnership with major events such as the Best travel in Europe  Best Face Best Fashion You in Europe Best Dance and to position Europe as a must visit destination.

 Family programs

You just have to travel with your kids

The world is just waiting to be discovered and there is no better way than to do it on board of a luxury ship.

The best family trip in the world! Mom, Dad and all the kids. Your job is to travel and enjoy all the moments. Make images, videos and blog about your adventures!

Your salary will be $ 30,000 to $ 10,000 and we cover all costs.


Authentication is required.

Fees, gifts, commissions, invitations and orders are only available after valid registration and authentication. Registration is only valid if you have completed the application form and validated. Validation fee is 1.75 € The European Tourism Club only accepts bank card payments. Applications must be verified by bank transaction. 

All payments (winnings, commissions) can only be made by transfer, taking into account EU Directive 2015/849.

Your salary will be

$10.000 full board!                           10 days

Your salary will be

$20 ,000 full board!                           20 days

Your salary will be

$30,000 full board!                            30 days

Win the world's best family travel!

Share what you've experienced while blogging and uploading your photos and videos.

Sea, travel, comfort, great food. If you consider everything important during your stay, there are the following overpasses for you.

Delicious meals provide the traveler with real tastes and unforgettable experiences.

Children's Clubs offer varied programs, games and movies for all ages. Parents can relax and enjoy their free time.

Ideal travel form for families with children

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