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We are looking for accommodating hotels, catering establishments, shops, sports facilities, entertainment venues, cultural centers, companies and individuals. 


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Dear Business Partners!

We are looking for more places who accept our club members, whose number grows fast day by day. One of the Best Job Campaigns has a global audience value of $ 200 million in 196 countries and it has already attracted 330,000 applicants. With  competitions on all our sites, we aim to overcome this and create a truly international network of loyal club members and buyers. We strongly believe that our efforts will achieve the following: Strengthening the market position of our partners: We have a strong and large base with which we will gain enormous market advantage over our competitors.
Creating a loyal audience: Everyone around the world is looking for discounts, so our partners.
Meeting the target audience: On our website, through advertising and commercials (program pages, Partner Finder) through newsletters and in person at our events - we invite our partners to meet personally with Best Club members, guests and buyers.

All our Best Partner Cards include:

marketing package

corporate and personal profile
full membership, 1 year club membership and use of our site, application for competitions

About the Best Partner sticker:

We will send you a number of stickers that you specify to outsource all of your business in a partnership membership. When purchasing a package, we provide a sticker for your business, the design of which is the same as the Best Card. Place your sticker at the entrance of your company, in a visible place so that the best club members can easily find you!

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