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We are confident, that your brand, products and services become world renowned and remembered for many years to come. Worldwide fame and visibility await you.

Whom are we looking for?


We are looking for business partners who have private and commercial property, products, services or solutions that want to join our international efforts to promote European tourism, highlighting the places that you should visit on a trip. We guarantee that Europe will remember your name, company and products. Worldwide fame and visibility await you.

Dear Sponsors and Business Partners!

The previous Best Job campaign has reached a global audience of $ 200 million, visibility in more than 196 countries and more than 330,000 applications. This is just a few of the numbers that are characteristic of us. We would like to share with you the success of Best Job in Europe and our other programs!

Why good to be a sponsor?

  • On our website we will show you as a sponsor with your logos.
    We will display your logo in the commercials or appearances of your sponsored program or competition.

How many people are interested in the "Best"?

The predecessor of the program has attracted hundreds of thousands of people, and in Europe we expect a  millions coming from all over the world.

How long the sponsorship contract is valid?

The sponsorship contract is for one year. For a special offer, contact us!

What sponsorship offerings are we waiting for?

  • prizes to Best Competitors and Club Members
  • technical and transportation tools to help our team work providing a sorting site
  • to provide clothing, travel and equipment for competitors

Everything you can help


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Fees, gifts, commissions, invitations and orders are only available after valid registration and authentication. Registration is only valid if you have completed the application form and validated. Validation fee is 1.75 € The European Tourism Club only accepts bank card payments. Applications must be verified by bank transaction. 

We are looking for sponsors to apply for programs:


We are looking forward to discussing one of the above options. Please contact us, use the application form below to find out more about our Sponsor Program and our Program Director will contact you with the details. We look forward to working together to share the road to success with you! European Tourism Club Team